About us

The Beylerbeyi Estate Ltd is a well-respected family business established by Hasan Sungur in 1990.

The company is known to be the best in North Cyprus, reaching high targets and empowering its clients with great marketing and support.  Our extensive knowledge and experience exceeds the independent agents thus allowing us to offer the best rates and service on the market.

We specialize in ensuring, buying and selling your properties. Our aim is to continuously improve in order to meet customers’ expectations and to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

The Beylerbeyi Company owns a very large amount of lands and houses all over North Cyprus. We provide a wide range of services in the real estate field that are available either separately or in combination so as to suit precisely the clients’ particular needs (e.g. property evaluation, architectural drawings, apartment sales, house sales, land sales, renovations etc.)

Since 1994 we have built many luxurious villas and beautiful apartments; and starting 1999 many German, Dutch and English customers have dealt with our company. Our professionalism led us to work not only in the private housing sector but also in the private commercial sector (e.g schools, universities, airports, hospitals, State buildings, ect.)

The company is very well organized and composed of one general manager, two directors, two value experts, one surveyor, four architects, real estate agents, engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, electricians, plumbers, gardeners and cleaners. All the staff are highly qualified and ready to ensure the best quality service in every domain and fully satisfy all of our clients.

Why Do Business With Beylerbeyi Estate?

Beylerbeyi has been engaged in the real estate development for the last twenty years working on prime locations and delivering the best products to it’s customers. We are proud to be one of the oldest real estate agent and the biggest land developing company of North Cyprus.

The company works for and with its costumers to create the home of their dream on this paradisiac island.  We help you chose the location that is the most convenient for you, and we build the house that suits you best according to your needs and style.

As a company we offer varied and flexible purchase plan that allows our client to pay their property at their own pace.

The advantage of Beylerbeyi is that we are the direct owners of the land, not the commissioners, thus we have all the guaranties and our lands are less expensive.

Our costumers also benefit an extra guarantiee during the land transfer. We offer bank guarantee or mortgage guarantee until the project is finished.

Our expertise is at your disposition and you can use it as you wish. When you buy a land we can build your project together or if you wish to use your own builders you can use our controlling highly experienced building inspectors to inspect every steps of your construction.