Why to buy or invest in North Cyprus?

Since a few years now people from all over the world have realized that Cyprus, especially North Cyprus, is the place to be and the place to invest.

You may ask yourself “why is that”?  Well, in addition to fact that Cyprus has it all and it is a magnificent place to live or spend extended holidays, it also has many other attractive reasons to invest:

–          The island’s size and ideal location: Cyprus is third largest island in the Mediterranean, located right in front of Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and just a few hours flight from France, Holland, United Kingdom.

–          Great lands for unique personal or business projects: With the price of the donum being the cheapest of the Mediterranean it is the perfect time to invest before the prices rise up as it is expected very soon. The price of the land is 25% the one of South Cyprus; thus it is a great chance to buy for less and obtain more and watch your money grow.

Combine the low prices with the beauty of the nature and the great life style of the island and you have a fantastic opportunity to invest!

–          Attractive rates: The rising interest rates of Europe makes it difficult to invest there, while the exchange rate in North Cyprus will allow you to build an amazing house or business project here!

–          While other countries of the Mediterranean are struggling with the economical and politic turmoil (including South Cyprus), North Cyprus is steady and continues growing day by day. In fact, North Cyprus’ market is said to be on the best running in the whole Mediterranean.

–          North Cyprus is in great development attracting many new investors.

–          The tourism industry is also growing. Many new hotels, golf courts and other touristic attractions are in construction on the coast, which are promising for the future!

–          The government of North Cyprus is improving the country’s infrastructure such as road and healthcare.In addition a huge water pipe is being installed between Turkey and North Cyprus to bring water on the island and produce electricity.

–          If you like to have your own gardener, maid, pool cleaner it is easy to find nice people willing to work for you for very descent price.